The slow, drawling beats of the hypnotic sounds of Zebra Katz emanated from the London Film Musuem, pulsating through the crowd. On entry, it seemed almost as if Mattsson had carefully selected those invited in the knowledge that their presence would complement his presentation as the attending collective were clad almost entirely in black, perfectly reflecting that of his models.


Mattsson looked to America’s Latin community to influence his AW13 collection. Their Zoot Suits and worker wear of the 40s were clearly evident through his oversized, pinstripe trousers crafted into a harem style and the slouch of his dungarees. There were also constant nod’s to Mattsson’s love affair with biker culture with the infamous silhouettes of the jackets and clean, bullet helmet. Even the inscriptions of the fake tattoos that had been plastered on his models drew us further into this culture he had so successfully interwoven into his collection. This season, it was ‘The Mongols’ who’s story was incorporated into the garments. This biker club, made almost entirely up of Latino immigrants rejected from The Hell’s Angel’s due to the colour of their skin, were here embraced to their utmost.


Presentation photography: Elise Rose

Posted by: Mei Corbett


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