Alexis Mabille SS12

Alexis Mabille began the show with matching white vests and t-shirts paired with white trousers and shorts. T-shirts and vests were embellished with logo detailing, breaking up the white colour palette, along with brown belts and piled up accessories around the wrists.

Stripes also featured as a key component of the show, appearing as an interesting feature on coat lapels, hooded capes, underwear and shirts.

Shorts tended to follow a tailored shape in either a knee length with turned up hems or a shorter style with a slightly wider fit, in grey chequered patterns or continuing with the black and white striped theme.

Coats were heavily featured throughout the show, often clinched in at the waist with a belt and in a range of lengths and styles, from long mackintosh styles to casual jackets and tailored blazers, and most following the hooded theme; a reoccuring look throughout the show.

Along with chunky wrist accessories, other reoccurring pieces were espadrilles, chain handled cross-body bags and long, heavy scarves.

Images courtesy of Nowfashion

Posted by: Emily Rogers


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