This season Aminaka Wilmont focused on creating a more minimalist and structured collection, building upon some of their signature pieces such as leathers and light knits to give us softer draping and dynamic shapes.


Featuring several psychedelic prints, Maki Aminaka and Marcus Wilmont, looked to the different elements of nature as inspiration for their prismatic motifs, including serpents, gems, quartz stones, molten glass and water lilies. Their aim was to create subtle contrasts between the hard and soft elements, which were then transferred onto the pieces in the brand’s eponymous dark sultry tones, with sumptuous slivers of greens, pinks and yellows. Motifs were worked into trousers, dresses and skirts, all made from luxury silks that added an iridescent shimmer of elegance.


Outerwear was a key player in this exquisite collection, with symmetrical draping on sharp leather jackets and long tailored washed leather coats with Toscana fur linings, hanging off the shoulders in an effortlessly laid back way. Appropriately styled with hair slicked across their forehead and gothic inspired make up with dark, smoldering eyes and deep red lips, the collection was given a rebellious touch as models shimmied down the catwalk in black knit dresses, beautifully interwoven with silvery yarn for an added feel of luxury. Some were also teamed with sculpted plastic body jewellery that covered the chest, creating a tougher second skin and adding a sense of modern theatricality to the look, fitting in perfectly with the recurring theme of hard-soft contrasts.


Images by: Katy Davies

Posted by: Leja Gojkovic


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