Givenchy SS12

For SS12 Givenchy ventured to exotic plains where the brand’s overt masculinity continued to be projected acutely. Colour was a trinity of olive, purple and white. Prints of Amazon parrots in dense jungle terrain were applied liberally. Digital prints besieged blazers, tapered trousers, baseball caps and sweaters. Appliqued holographic variants were placed upon lightweight t-shirts and resort shirts creating a 3D illusion. Embellished sequin interpretations of this pattern were found upon apron skirts and slimline trousers. The print acted like camouflage allowing the Givenchy man to blend with his surrounds.

Wife beaters in leafy green and white, a mesh sports sweatshirt and ranger utility shirts reasserted masculine authority. Crop tops were layered over shirts and placed an emphasis upon muscular chests. Trousers were held in place by canvas safari belts and board shorts were worn over graphic print lycra leggings. Tribal jewellery adorned heavily pierced ears suggesting you had just encountered the natives. There was a virtuous veil of white which nodded to the gods as tuxedo blazers, workman shirts, skirts and suits were all plunged into the light.

An opinion on the influence of man in this end of the earth was hinted at through plastic sandals which vines snaked and mechanical, terminator style imagery which in places seemed to subtly emerge from this paradise print.

Images courtesy of Nowfashion.

Posted by: Susan Walsh


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