Rick Owens SS12

Rick Owens opened the show with a modern, edgy take on the grunge look, with floor sweeping dresses in tones of black and grey. Although dresses appeared baggy and slouchy, tailored jackets and blazers pulled the look together creating a more defined silhouette.

Dresses also began taking on different shapes, some tied at the side for a tighter and more defined look, and featuring white lines and panels to break up the blackness of the pieces and add a more distinct sense of shape to the clothing.

Lighter pieces also began making an appearance, again featuring geometric shapes and lines to add detail to the muted tones and further define a sense of shape to the long and straight silhouette of the clothing.
While the atmosphere seemed to be all about grunge and darkness, the show ended on a lighter note, with floor sweeping white dresses paired with large sunglasses; another key accessory showcased on the runway.

Images courtesy of Nowfashion

Posted by: Emily Rogers


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