Viktor & Rolf Monsieur SS12

Victor & Rolf Monsieur kicked off the show in a muted seventies colour palette of browns, yellows and stripes. The striped pattern appeared on both shorts and shirts in burnt orange and dark brown, paired in one instant with a tailored blue short suit, and in another with a yellow dolphin embellished sweatshirt; a continual nod to the nautical theme.

Suits continued to appear as a key element of the show in a range of shiny, satin fabrics and accompanied with a bow tie, with blue emerging as the focal point in colouring. Sandals were also heavily featured throughout and styled with socks.

Trousers generally took on a flared silhouette, again leaning towards a subtle seventies vibe, paired with a range of short sleeved shirts, while casual jackets and coats appeared to maintain a more modern and relaxed shape in a range of blue shades.

Images courtesy of Nowfashion

Posted by: Emily Rogers


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