Working as an illustrator, from southern ontario, Jenny Liz Rome who was featured a couple of years ago, creates images which are very much different, compared to other illustrators. Her images are very dynamic but all very awkward, as she does not really show the well known ‘fashion industry beauty’, but mixes elements into it to fabricate something unique.


Heavily influenced by wildlife and nature; the classic style, female form and modern celebrities. She blends these using dream like colours in order to create dynamic, almost, cartoon like pieces of art. She focuses mainly on enhancing fine detail. Rather than focusing on the body and clothes, her focal points are more on the art side of things like the flow of the hair and little animal details. Her work is very distinctive and remarkable as she combines these elements seamlessly with extravagant end results.


Image source: Jenny Liz Rome

Posted by: Ruth Misamu


A colorful artwork doesn’t necessarily have to be eccentric or too garish. If the shades are delicately combined and the composition doesn’t look too saturated, the result is a balance between vibrant and calm. That’s exactly the equilibrium that the Swedish illustrator Sara Andreasson has reached with her works. At first sight the pieces have an easy and soft composition, which makes them very easy to enjoy. All the works have a graphic style, which in a way is quite minimal; but thanks to the multiple touches of color added it has a slight pop influence.


I really enjoy the simplicity of the structure in the images, and how the colors are carefully and very delicately used. But the way that all the subjects in the illustrations barely show their face features, adds a touch of mystery and helps us differentiate Sara’s style from any other artist: accurate, plain and always effective.


Image source: Sara Andreasson

Posted by: Nerea Eguia


What distinguishes Peña’s work from other artists, is the elaborate techniques used to create a piece. He effectively starts with objects which are seen as grotesque and uses it as a paradox. Approaching these materials with his unpolluted character, he sees them as being something useful and turns them from this grotesque material to something simple. These are often camouflaged with an aesthetic of beauty with precious sentimental values.


Image source: Myto Gallery, David Castillo Gallery  

Posted by: Ruth Misamu


Some pieces of clothing are true pieces of art; and it doesn’t necessarily utterly depend on how well the items are tailored. Sometimes the prints that are shown are the ones that make a collection, worth to be displayed in any museum. Alex Mullin’s AW14 collection gathers two concepts that I really admire from any designer: adapting edgy and surprising clothes to the streetwear making them wearable and featuring original and unique prints that somehow resemble to artworks. In his latest collection I can’t help but see some cowboy inspiration with the oversized denim pants, the scarf and the jacket. But without denying the elegant and mature side that the richness of the cut provide to the tough silhouette. There is a minimal yet powerful vibe in the clothes due to the small details that decorate the items and the final result is rough yet fine.


Image source: Alex Mullins 

Posted by: Nerea Eguia


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