We continue our ‘What we’re discussing today’  series,’  and as the weekend arrives, the team here at F156 have been questioning whether we make the most of the things available to us in the cities we live in. Yes, London is enormous, so its hard to ever really get to know all of it, but we agreed that often we forget how lucky we are to have so many fantastic things going on just outside our doorstep and realized how rarely we use these opportunities to their full potential.


It’s so tempting sometimes to just get sucked into the familiar nook where you feel safe and comfortable; anything outside may seem daunting and always has that will-it-be-worth-it risk factor.


For me when I first started to pick up on this and began venturing out on explorations of the city, I began to realize on just how many simple pleasures I had been missing out on. First to catch my attention was the often forgotten fact that we Londoners have been blessed with a whole riverside to ourselves, beautiful both by day and night, brimming with restaurants, magnificent views, unique sights, festivals, performances, comedy nights, art galleries and architectural masterpieces. Next, I found one of my greatest passions are markets and we are lucky enough to have all genres of them: bric-a-brac, vintage, gourmet, flower, fruit and veg, each one rich with inspiration and delicious sights.


The list is endless and I really could go on forever but I think it’s better to write less and see more when it comes to this topic and just let you all go and find out for yourselves.


Let us know what new things you discover!


Below are some of my new favourite London spots:

- Brixton Village Market shops

- Frockney Rebel Vintage in E2

- Regent’s Canal

- Victoria & Albert Museum courtyard cafe

- Old Dairy, Gastro-pub in N4


Image source: Orangesmile 

Posted by: Leja Gojkovic


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