The world is so big and filled with wonderful things to visit. It’s fascinating and mysterious what can nature can create and so we can contemplate. From the Colored Mountains in China to the arid deserts of The United States, the view can change completely and offer us a great visual feast. It’s completely understandable that designers sometimes get their inspiration from different landscapes to get the most original and unique prints and silhouettes on their collections. I enjoy the colors and the simplicity of these images. It’s true that even if most of them seem to be cold and wintery; the red, green and blue shades are really inspiring and relaxing.


Image source: Where the cool things are Tumblr, Pinterest, Magical Memories Travel 

Posted by: Nerea Eguia


subir imagen

subir imagen

A work of art must impact visually; attract our attention. But when that work has a meaning, the viewer can get a completely different view about it and it adds a lot of beauty to the piece. Art is sometimes the best way of self-expression and it provides us a channel for the transmission of feelings and ideas which can even be more effective and better understood for the recipient.


Amy Sacksteder is aware of that and through her artworks she explores the impact or significance that a place or an event has on us. Therefore she combines traditional methods of painting landscape and natural science illustration, with the visual language of maps, diagrams and artifacts. That way, she helps us understand the connection between the human and a certain place or moment.


The results are not only meaningful and very special, but they are visually attractive and striking as well. It invites the viewer to take a look at it and reflect about what Amy is trying to transmit. Every painting’s components are delicately overlapped but without distracting or confusing the recipient.


Image source: Amy Sacksteder

Posted by: Nerea Eguia


When I stepped into Dina Lynnyk‘s website I immediately noticed the great talent and infinite creativity that she owns. From designing clothes to creating funny and engaging collages, Dina has developed her very own style making every work she does into a visual feast. What has specially caught my attention is her Fashion Story ‘Creepy Kids’. Photographed by Roma Pashkovskiy but edited by Lynnyk, it shows a mysterious and quite scary series of images but without losing a funny and young touch. All the pictures are completely enjoyable with the colorful and rich in details outfits that are featured. Thanks to the garments and the look of the models, the eerie vibe is balanced with a naïve and playful attitude.


Image source: Dina Lynnyk 

Posted by: Nerea Eguia


Not very long ago we featured Ukranian Valery Kovalska’s F/W 13 collection. The femininity of the items combined with a slightly gothic touch really captivated me. This time, her new SS14 designs show a great versatility with a diverse use of textures and colors but still keeping Kovalska’s trademarks alive to depict a futuristic princess.


Once again, the asymmetry is one of the biggest characteristics of the collection; therefore, Valery plays with materials such as net and cutouts added to the dresses and shirts. But more surprisingly, this time the designer has used sheer to decorate some of the gowns; which has given volume and sweetened the collection. Even Japanese tailoring has its place with sateen items that once again, prove the complexity of Ukranian‘s designs. However, all the looks still keep the futuristic vibes that make Kovalska‘s garments so special. She has managed to create a very balanced collection where urban yet futuristic and tough yet feminine hints are perfectly gathered.


Image source: Not Just a Label 

Posted by: Nerea Eguia


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